Face Recognition
Temperature Scanner

Increase your workplace or home security with a contactless face recognition temperature scanner. Scan your temperature or attendance easily and quickly before entering or leaving a premise.

With Desktop Stand

Place the device on your table top

1. Infrared Temperature Screening

Accurate temperature reading of your staff or visitors within 5 seconds with real time notificiations.

2. Tracks Attendance With AI

By automating your workflow processes with our integrated POS system, any manual work will be minimised for a more efficient operations.

3. Fast Identification Within 2m

The device can scan within 2m distance within 5 seconds with an intelligent computing algorithm.

With Floor Stand

Or place it at the entrance of your store

4. Access Data Anytime, Anywhere

Encrypted data can be accessed wherever you are and at whatever time you want, through a cloud platform.

5. Up To 3000 Facial Data

The scanner can store up to 3000 face images, and it can be customised according to your needs.

6. Easy Installation

It takes only about 3mins to set up the temperature scanner. However, we do provide free installation for your upon purchase.

7. After Sales Service

Don’t worry if you’re facing any problems with the device. Contact us immediately and our team will help you to solve it without additional charges.

Temp Scanner Features

8”800×1280 Display Screen
134.8×252.2×18.2mm Size
RAM:2GB, ROM:16GB Memory
DC 5.5mm 12V, RJ45, RS232,USB x1, Wiegand etc. Interface

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